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What is different between 12V gel cell battery and 2V gel cell battery?


Published by Mars May 29,2020

    If you purchase the solar panel system kit you will find that many system used the 12V gel cell battery. Maybe you will ask why we don’t use the 2V gel cell battery. Now let me tell you why we used the 12V gel cell battery in the normal solar panel system kit design.


gel type battery


   The essential difference between the 2V gel cell battery and 12V gel cell battery are the cost. You will find that the price of 2V deep cycle battery gel is about twice as the price of the 12V deep cycle battery gel. So no doubt that the capacity of the 2V deep cycle battery gel also large than 12V deep cycle battery gel. Since you spend twice as much, 2V deep cycle batteries gel will naturally last longer than 12V deep cycle batteries gel.


gel type battery


   But why in the solar panel system kit design used the 12V solar gel batteries normal? Firstly, Because not so many customers can pay for the 2V solar gel batteries. When it used in 2KW/48V solar panel system kit you need to purchase 24pcs solar gel batteries. Compared with using 12V solar gel batteries, only need to use 2pcs solar gel batteries. This saves not only cost but also freight. Of course if you have enough budget and you prefect 2V gel type battery than 12V gel type battery you also can choose it. The 12V gel type battery service life is 5-6 years and the 2V gel type battery is 12years. So everything has its advantages and disadvantages. It usually depends on how you choose.


   Of course, be sure to believe the truth that every penny is worth every penny.

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