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German photovoltaic manufacturer build solar tea cultural industrial park


Published by Mars November 30,2019

    Recently, Solarworld and partner African Technology Innovation Company have just completed a large-scale best plug and play solar kits project, that is, they have carefully built a self-sufficient best plug and play solar kits for the famous South African tea merchant Louis Boss. The best plug and play solar kits project is expected to have a capacity of up to megawatts.


solar power system manufacturers


   According to Solarworld Group, the best plug and play solar kits project is sufficient to cover the electricity demand of the entire factory and warehouse, and can save up to 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Kobus Engelbrecht, general manager of the Group's partner African Technology Innovation Corporation, said that for a long time, the production and export of agricultural products have been attracting attention from the industry, and have been urged to control and reduce greenhouse gases for many times, but manufacturers are often indifferent or helpless. This time, the combination of tea gardens and solar panel and generator kit products will have a milestone significance for the entire agricultural product industry.


solar power system manufacturers


   Not only that, Solarword is currently working with other agricultural companies in South Africa, such as Ceres Fruit Farmers, Stellenpak Fruit Packer, and Bosman Family Vineyards.

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