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How to improve the power generation of complete off grid solar system?


Published by Mars May 25,2020

The loss of dust should not be neglected in complete off grid solar system       

        The faceplate of crystalline silicon module is toughened glass. When exposed to the air for a long time, organic matter and a lot of dust will accumulate naturally. Surface falling ash to shield light will reduce the output efficiency of components and directly affect the complete off grid solar system generation. At the same time, it may cause the "hot spot" effect of components, which may lead to component damage.



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Shadow and snow cover in complete off grid solar system          

       In the process of site selection, we must pay attention to the light shield. Avoid areas where light may be obscured. According to the circuit principle, when the components are connected in series, the current is determined by the least one, so if there is a shadow, it will affect the complete off grid solar system of the components. Similarly, winter snow should be cleared in time.



Maximum Output Power Tracking (MPPT) for complete off grid solar system          

         MPPT efficiency is the key factor to determine the off grid solar system kit power generation of solar inverters, and its importance far exceeds the efficiency of solar inverters themselves. MPPT efficiency is equal to hardware efficiency multiplied by software efficiency. The hardware efficiency is mainly determined by the accuracy of the current sensor and the sampling circuit, and the software efficiency is determined by the sampling frequency. There are many ways to implement MPPT, but no matter which way to use, the first step is to measure the power change of components, and then to react to the change. Among them, the key component is the current sensor, whose accuracy and linear error will directly determine the hard efficiency, and the sampling frequency of software is also determined by the accuracy of hardware.


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Reducing Line Loss in off grid solar system kit          

       In the off grid solar system kit, cables account for a small part, but the influence of cables on power generation can not be ignored. It is suggested that the loss of DC and AC circuits should be controlled within 5%. Cables in the off grid solar system kit should be well insulated, heat and flame retardant, moisture and light resistance, type of cable core and size of cable.



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Efficiency of Inverter in off grid solar generator           

         Solar inverters are the main components and important components of off grid solar generator. In order to ensure the normal operation of power plants, the correct configuration and selection of inverters is particularly important. In addition to the configuration of the inverters according to the technical specifications of the whole off grid solar generator system and referring to the manufacturer's sample manuals, the following technical specifications should be generally considered: 1, rated output power 2, output voltage adjustment performance 3, overall efficiency 4, start-up performance.

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