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Does photovoltaic panels' color affect the lifetime and power generation?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

      In the field of photovoltaics, there is a saying that the chromatic aberration of photovoltaic panels will affect the life and power generation of solar power system kit. So is that really the case? This can be divided into two parts. One part,photovoltaic panels have chromatic aberration, and some are normal phenomena. Coated glass is acting as a "blame" and will not have a greater impact on power generation. The second part, it is likely that photovoltaic panels quality problems, will certainly affect the power generation. As a professional solar products manufacturers , the following two reasons are explained.



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     Look at the solar power system kit, it is composed of many photovoltaic panels, these photovoltaic panels are encapsulated in a stainless steel, aluminum or other non-metallic frame, installed on the top of the coated glass and the back plate, filled with nitrogen, sealed. It should be noted here that the color difference of the coated glass will be reflected on the solar panel system components, which is also the main reason for the color difference of the solar panel system components. For solar products manufacturers in the choice of coated glass, the same batch of incoming materials alone is not easy to find color differences, to be installed solar panel system components, in a specific environment, angle, light conditions can be found color differences, as long as the use of coated glass can hardly avoid this situation. In this case, slightly chromatic aberration of solar panel system components is normal.


      Photovoltaic panels are classified into three levels: A, B and C. Here we take polycrystalline silicon which is widely used in the market as an example. The color of Polysilicon A grade single cell is uniform. The range of color starts from blue. The color difference between dark blue, red, yellowish brown and brown is allowed. The main color of single cell is dark blue, and only two colors are allowed at most. The color of Polysilicon B grade single cell is not uniform, there is a jump color difference, the main color is blue-red range, the single cell can only exist three colors at most. Finally, the color of Polysilicon C grade single cell is not uniform. Colors jump between blue, dark blue, red, tan and brown.



solar products manufacturers


     When the solar panel setup has obvious color difference and the power generation of the solar power system kit is much lower than expected, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there are degraded solar panel system components in the solar power system kit. The degraded solar panel system components have a great impact on power generation.

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