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Why is Australia having such a high solar panel kits for home installation rate?


Published by Mars July 19,2019

    Australia has developed agriculture and animal husbandry and is rich in natural resources, especially the high storage of coal. But as of the end of November 2018, the number of households installing solar panel kits for home in Australia has exceeded 2 million, accounting for one-fifth of the total number of Australian households. Why is Australia having such a high solar panel kits for home installation rate?


solar power inverter kit


    First, the rise in electricity prices, solar panel kits for home investment returns efficiency, relatively high electricity bill, the average price for solar panel kits for home is 25-30C / KWH, the average peak residential electricity price is 55C / KWH. The mainstream installation market has a PV price of 0.8-1.5C/KWH, so that households using solar panel kits for home can save an average of AUD 540  in electricity bills per year.


solar power inverter kit


    Second, the local people have a high awareness of energy conservation. Australia's economic sources are mainly tourism, mining and education. For one of the tourism, it is not because the attractions have more cultural heritage, but the air quality of this place is good. Everyone is environmentally conscious, so Australians are more inclined to use home solar kits,especially in sunny South Australia and Queensland. Eighty-one percent of Australians say they prefer home solar kits, even if the initial investment cost of this home solar kits is higher than traditional energy.


   Dear friends, do you want the air quality in your place of life to be good? If so, then take action and use the solar power inverter kit.

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