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The Israeli government intends to promote the development of photovoltaics


Published by Mars February 03,2021

    The Israeli Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Agriculture have jointly explored whether agricultural Solar Power Photovoltaic photovoltaic power generation projects can become a viable solution for the domestic energy market, and decided to invest 3.5 million Israeli dinar (approximately US$1 million) to target agriculture and solar power generation 6 different research projects combined. "The dual use of land-both for agriculture and solar power generation-is an important step for us," said the country's Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, adding that the commitment to agricultural photovoltaic power generation will become the government's 2030 Part of the plan to add 15 GW of photovoltaic capacity annually.

Solar Power Panel


    One of these six studies is to cooperate with the European Union to study the possibility of deploying special solar panels on the roof and inside of the greenhouse. Several other research projects were undertaken by institutions such as the Gilat Arid and Semi-arid Agricultural Research Center (GCASAR), the Hebrew University, and Tel Aviv University.

Solar Panels For Houses

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