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80KW Residentials Solar Energy Systems In Aruba


Published by Mars July 09,2019

   Aruba is a country in Caribbean.Because Aruba have not policy for battery residentials solar energy systems system,so in this area the residentials solar energy systems are on grid residentials solar energy systems,send the solar power to city power.

electric solar panels


   Hendrik have bought 20KW residentials solar energy systems from MARS in 5years ago.He purchase ceramia / furniture / residentials solar energy systems from Foshan and build a hotel in Aruba.He think he is news in domestic solar panels business,so he is going to a gamble. After visit our factoyr,he think he is surely win in this gamble because Mars have rich experience for domestic solar panels. He have installed this 20KW domestic solar panels when he received the goods.


  20KW electric solar panels system long time successfully running in these 5years.Mr.Hendrik have built another hotel in 2019,so he came to visit Mars and get another 80KW domestic solar panels system.After install this solar system,how much money he can get,let us check this datasheet:

electric solar panels

Would not want to know more details about electric solar panels,pls contact Mars!

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