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Why Mars always ask picture for the solar panel for home use installation?


Published by Mars May 29,2020

    After customer receive and install the solar panels for home use products,Mars’s sale will ask customer take picture for their solar panels for home use products installation.The main reason is we can check the customer install the solar panels for home use system properly or not.


   Shukri from Iraq,he found our company in Internet search. His home installation area is 25 square meters and the power consumption current is 12A. We recommended him to choose 3KW solar panels for home use.

                                                  solar power kit


     He told me another idea about him. He was going to install photovoltaic panels system on the top floor of the house and use the photovoltaic panels as a sunshade. He have seen the case of the carport photovoltaic panels system on our website before, and he also wants to build one set photovoltaic panels system like this. But to make a solar power system for home carport requires a long support. If he buy solar power system for home bracket support with us, the cost will be higher than that of buying it locally. In addition, the transportation cost of the solar power system for home will be more expensive, so I suggest that he customize the solar power system for home bracket locally.


                                                                                       solar power kit


      Shukri installed it immediately after receiving the solar power system for home and sent us a feedback picture. But we found a problem for his solar power system for home installation. Shukri put the four photovoltaic panels batteries in an overlapping position, which is very unfavorable for the heat dissipation and life of the battery. A certain amount of space needs to be reserved between each battery to dissipate heat. We told shukri about this photovoltaic panels installation problem, he said that he would go to the custom battery rack and put the battery in the battery rack,make sure it have good heat dissipation.

   We are very happy, Shukri recognizes our solar power kit products and is willing to help us recommend solar power kit products to hisneighbors.

solar power kit


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