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What is off grid ups and why it is important for us?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

      Today let us talk about the off grid ups. Off grid upsis Uninterruptible Power System / Uninterruptible Power Supply. It means it is a system equipment that connects batteries with off grid inverter and converts DC to urban electricity through off grid inverter. It is mainly used to provide stable and uninterrupted power supply to computers, computer network systems or other power electronic devices such as pressure transmitters.


off grid inverter


     Why it is important for us? As a professional solar inverter factory,let Mars explian to you.Many people think that the city we use from government is enough so we don’t need the off grid ups. Have you ever thought about a sudden power outage or a problem because you didn’t pay the electricity bill?If you are working on your computer or are using other loads. The sudden power outage will prevent your work from continuing and will cause you to lose important data, which will also cause some damage to the load. So that’s why the off grid ups is important for us.


off grid inverter


       Off grid ups are now widely used in computer service terminals, network servers, network equipment, data storage equipment, emergency lighting systems. Don't be as good as action, quickly add one to your home or your office.

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