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How we choose the UPS inverter and maintain?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

    In the previous article, we introduced the role of UPS inverter and its importance.In this article we will talk about how to choose to buy and maintain UPS inverter.


electric inverter


    According to the condition of equipment, power environment and the purpose of power protection, the suitable UPS inverter can be selected. For example, at home use can be selected by monthly electricity consumption.Secondly, we should understand that there are two ways to express the rated power of the UPS inverter : apparent power (unit KVA) and actual output power (unit KW). This difference is caused by the  existence of reactive power. If you don’t know the KVA and KW please refer to another article:https://www.solarpowermanufacturer.com/FAQ/solar-energy-project.html


      When the equipment is equipped with digital inverter, the actual output power of the digtal inverter should be used as the basis for matching. Some dealers intentionally or unintentionally confuse the difference between (KVA) and (KW), which should be brought to the attention of the user. Mars solar used KW as digital inverter unit.



electric inverterelectric inverter



     Finally, Because digital inverter is a guarantee, its own stability is more important. Therefore, when users purchase electric inverter products, they must first consider the quality of electric inverter products. The quality of products is the first requirement for users to select products. So that’s why you can choose Mars solar. We can provide the high quality professional suggestion and after sales service.Choose Mars choose quality.

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