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Eco worthy solar panel installation "greens" South African manor


Published by Mars November 30,2019

     ValdeVieEstate, a well-known South African manor, is implementing the development concept of eco worthy solar panel installation with practical actions. Founder Martin Winter said: "Our mission is to leave a legacy and a wealth that has a lasting positive impact on the Berg Valley." According to The person in charge of the manor introduced that the system not only uses eco worthy solar panel installation to realize the promise of energy saving and emission reduction, but also fully reflects the eco-friendly design concept, and has no impact on the original building structure and aesthetics. The 160 eco worthy solar panel installations on the central roof of the manor are all fixed on a custom-made system bracket and connected to two 20KW eco worthy solar panel installation. Provided by Chinese inverter manufacturer.


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     Valde Vie Estate, located between Par and Franschhoek, South Africa, adheres to a sustainable business philosophy and implements environmental and social responsibility decisions to ensure the future of Fuze. The project is expected to generate at least 50,000 kW / h per year and reduce annual carbon emissions by 22T.



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