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30KW Concentrated Solar Power System At Dubai Royal Estates


Published by Mars March 24,2020

          Mohammed is from Dubai and specializes in building villas and estates for the Dubai royal family. In 2019, he contacted Mars Solar, hoping to work with Mars Solar to build a concentrated solar power system for a Dubai royal estate in a desert. This concentrated solar power system system is mainly used for air conditioning in the manor.


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       The reason why the air conditioner can be cooled is because there is a compressor inside. The compressor does work so that the air conditioner can discharge the cold air and the hot air is drawn away, thereby reducing the ambient temperature to a suitable temperature. When the compressor starts to work, it will instantly generate 3-5 times the peak power. If this peak power is not planned well, it will affect the concentrated solar power inverter in the concentrated solar power system system and even damage the inverter. After investigation and research, Mohammed provided all the loads and working hours of this estate to Mars Solar. As a professional solar system supplier, Mars Solar's 10-year experienced engineer designed a special concentrated solar power system based on Mohammed data.


       What makes this concentrated solar power system special? Generally, a whole house active solar kit will use solar panels, batteries, controllers, and an inverter. And this particular whole house active solar kit system uses 2 inverters. Engineer Mars Solar explained that because of the large number of air conditioners in this estate and the local climate is very hot, the air conditioners work for a long time. The compressor of an air conditioner starts to work, which causes an increase in peak power. The compressor of the air conditioner is started irregularly during the operation of the air conditioner. When the ambient temperature is high, the compressor starts to work. When the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor is in standby. If there are several air conditioners working at the same time, then several peak power may occur, so the power of the inverter in the whole house active solar kit needs to be increased accordingly.


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   This whole house active solar kit uses a 20KW and a 30KW solar inverter. Both inverters are connected to the same battery. In order for the customer's engineers to install this whole house active solar kit correctly, the engineer of mars solar has specially drawn a connection diagram of the concentrated solar power  system for the customer to guide the customer to install the concentrated solar power system.


     If you also want to use a concentrated solar power system to power your air conditioner, please provide us with the quantity and power of your air conditioner. We can design the most reasonable and stable whole house active solar kit for you.

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