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3KW Diy Off Grid Solar Power Kits In Latvia


Published by Mars May 25,2020

       Arturs is a graduate student at a university in Latvia. He found our company in 2019 and asked about the 3KW diy off grid solar power kits.Their research team plan to install this diy off grid solar power kits as their research topic.


                                       solar system manufacturer


 He raised his doubts before buying this diy off grid solar power kits:

1)the difference between mono and poly 

Mono panel efficiency is 20%-21%, poly panel efficienty is 16%-18%.It mean in the same condition,mono solar panel can generate more power than poly solar panel.


2) the difference between the inverter and hybrid inverter.

Solar hybrid inverter mean pure sine wave inverter with MPPT controller all in one box. This design saves installation space and easy connection.

Inverter not have solar controller build in.


3kw off grid solar system

     Arturs paid the order after receiving a satisfactory answer.

Now the diy off grid solar power kits works very well. He closely monitors the system's running status with the team every day.

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