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10KW On Grid Solar Kit In Poland


Published by Mars May 25,2020

                In 2019, the EU added 16.7GW of on grid solar kit installations to its portfolio, which has increased by 104% since 2018. This rapid growth marks the largest increase in on grid solar kit generation since 2010. So far, the five member states have contributed the most, including Spain (4.7GW), Germany (4GW), the Netherlands (2.5GW), France (1.1GW) and Poland (784MW). A major achievement in Poland is that the country’s installed capacity of solar power has quadrupled from 203MW on grid solar kit in 2018 and increased to 784MW on grid solar kit in 2019. Poland plans to double the installed capacity to 1.3GW on grid solar kit by 2020. These changes are very important for the European Union and Poland, because the country is currently the largest coal producer in the Union.


solar system manufacturer


        In this market background, Mr. Tadeusz contacted Mas Solar to purchase for their company's solar panels for home power generation project.More than 90% of the world's solar panels are produced in China. However, the price of solar panels for home power generation in the Chinese market is different, and the quality is also different. Mr. Tadeusz was confused.Mars solar as a 10+years experience solar system manufacturer,explained to him.What are the difference between Mars solar and another supplier

solar system manufacturer

         Mr.Tadeusz fully understand that the difference,he surely that the price are important,but the product quality are also important,too.He not only sign the purchase order agreement,but also want to work with Mars,build a solar power product brand in Poland.

           In 2020,Due to the spread of the  COVID-19 virus, all commercial activities have ceased. When the spread of the virus was under initial control, Mr.Tadeusz began to install the solar panels for home power generation and sent pictures of the installation.

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