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10KW Solar Panel Kits Wholesale In Canada


Published by Mars March 24,2020

            As a professional solar system supplier, Mars Solar has many customers every day to inquire about the use of 10kw solar panel kits wholesale.Some of them will ask, in my area, it is very cold in winter. Is it impossible to use the 10kw solar panel kits wholesale in this case? Our answer is yes. 10kw solar panel kits wholesale use the sun's light energy, not the sun's thermal energy. As long as there is sunshine, the 10kw solar panel kits wholesale can generate electricity. Even when there is good moonlight at night, the 10kw solar panel kits wholesale can generate some weak electricity.


solar system supplier

       Scientists have performed an experiment in Russia. The area is very cold, but the sun is good. Solar panels in this region generate 10% more electricity than regions with high temperatures and the same intensity of sunlight. The above question was also asked by Peter from Canada.


solar system supplier

     Peter wants to install a 10kw solar panel kits wholesale in his Canadian home. But he was worried that the 10kw solar system complete would not be able to power his home when winter temperatures were low. After Peter installed the 10kw solar system complete, he caught up with the first snow in the winter. Snow covers the solar panels. In order not to affect the solar panel's power generation, we recommend that Peter gently sweep away the snow on the solar panels, but be careful not to use hot water to rinse the solar panels, as hot water will crack the tempered glass on the surface of the solar panels. Later, Peter gave Mars feedback that the 10kw solar system complete worked well in winter. Looking forward to working with Mars Solar to explore the Canadian market.

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