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10KW Whole Home Solar System In Dominica


Published by Mars June 10,2022

     Due to the national situation, natural gas is constantly rising, and many customers have reported to us that electricity bills are getting more and more expensive, even using diesel generators, the cost is very high.


     Our client, Arling, approached Mars and spoke about his situation. The client was looking for someone who could help with the power issue and needed to have it available all night. 


10KW whole home solar system

     The customer wants to install and use it at home, we recommend a 10KW whole home solar system to the customer according to the customer's home load.



     10KW whole home solar system suitable for house with 2units 1125w ( 1.5HP ) air conditioner, fridge, washing machine, lights, tv etc.


     10KW whole home solar systems is the most popular model chosen by many of our customers.


     We have 12hrs and 6hrs configurations for 10KW solar system, we design different configurations according to the different needs of customers.


       10KW 12hrs whole home solar system and 10KW 6hrs whole home solar system all can supply power to 10KW home appliance.


     The difference is 10KW 12hrs whole home solar system can supply power to your home 8-12hrs per day at night,10KW 6hrs whole home solar system can supply power to your home 4-6hrs per day at night.


solar system manufacturer


          In the end our customer chose the 10KW 6hrs solar panel kit configuration according to his budget, and the customer will continue to upgrade his solar panel kit system in the future.


Service starts from our cooperation.

If you buy Mars solar panel kit, you can get:

1) Engineer design suitable solar panel kit;

2) English installation manual, steps by steps like you buy washing machine,easy installation;

3) Professional connection drawing;

4) On line installation guidance by sale and engineer team


You will not feel any pressure when installing a solar system.

No matter what the customer needs, we will be 100% satisfied

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