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40KW 3 Phase Solar System Off Grid In Cambodia


Published by Mars March 19,2021

           Lorna is an engineer from Cambodia. He found Mars,10+years solar system manufacturer on the internet.He sent an inquiry to our company saying that he needed a 40kw 3 phase solar system off grid. During the communication process, our engineer learned that there is no city poower in his place. And the customer told us that he needed a three-phase 380v solar system, and our engineer recommended him a three phase 40kw 3 phase solar system off grid.


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         Lorna asked us if our company's 40kw 3 phase solar system off grid was a complete solar system, because he felt that it would be troublesome to buy additional accessories. Our 40kw off grid solar system for sale is a complete set of 3 phase solar system off grid, including:solar panel, inverter,combiner,controller,battery ,solar panel bracket and all connect cables.He can install our 40kw off grid solar system for sale when you receive the goods at once.


          Besides, According to Lorna’s requirements, he will use 400w monocrystalline solar panels.Mars solar paenl 100% original Suntech A grade solar cell,all of them can under EL test.We provided 40kw off grid solar system for sale drawing to Lorna,guide them connect this solar power system.In this 40kw off grid solar system for sale,use 40KW IGBT three phase inverter,have strong ability to undertake high capacity appliance in factory or commercial buidling.




     After receiving the goods, Lorna installed the 40kw off grid solar system for sale according to the instruction manual and the connection diagram, and everything worked smoothly.Lorna is very satisfied with our connection diagram for 40kw off grid solar system for sale,it is very clearly and simple to guide the installation.Besides,he have added a remote monitor for solar system.If you have your own solar design configuration or other special requirements, please feel free to contact us, our engineers will design a solar system suitable for you according to your needs.

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