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What's Advantage For Mars On Grid Solar System?


Published by Mars June 01,2021

       In the solar system, in addition to the off grid system, there is another popular system is the on grid solar system.


What’s the on grid solar system?

    On grid solar system sale sunpower to utility,use free power at night.

    For example,in the daytime produce 10kwh electricity,you se 7kwh for load,so at night still have 3kwh free power(from sunshine),if you use 5kwh at night,you just need to pay 2kwh electricity bill.

     On grid solar system suitable for use in areas with stable mains electricity. If there is no stable electricity, then on grid solar system cannot start and work.


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What are the advantages of Mars solar panel?


About Quality Control


We use 100% original Suntech A grade solar cell,all of them pass EL test.


This is the more materials difference between us and another suppliers:https://www.solarpowermanufacturer.com/FAQ/best-solar-panels.html



What are the advantages of Mars on grid solar inverter?

The Mars on grid solar inverter main materials come from Japan, Germany and the United States. Only by using good raw materials can a good product be produced.

Mars on grid inverter use Fairchild and Infineon brand IGBT they are from the United States and  Germany.

Mars on grid inverter use Panasonic and Fujitsu brand relay.

The capacitors used are Japanese brand Nichicon and NCC.

The IC and MCU microprocessor are from Texas Instruments company in USA.

The DC switch uses santon, and the cooling fan uses Kapan Sanyo and NMB.


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