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What should be noticed when building a surface solar panel system kit?


Published by Mars July 26,2019

    With the promotion and application of solar panel system kit, more and more users install solar panel system kit on fish ponds, reservoirs, beaches, etc. Due to the particularity of the installation site, Mars Solar as solar panel systen kit manufacturer,remind you the following three points must be known.


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     The first point is the problem of array orientation and inclination.

   In the solar panel system kit station installed on the surface, the orientation and inclination of the solar system packages should be designed to avoid the front and rear shielding of the components. Some surface solar system packages have occlusion when the front and rear spacing is small. Because the construction of the surface solar system packages station is difficult, it is difficult to adjust the problem after the problem is discovered, so we have to look at the existence of the occlusion problem. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the orientation and inclination of the solar system packages before construction.


   Second, in high-humidity environments, solar energy electricity PID attenuation will increase.

  The solar energy electricity is built on the surface. The environment is affected by the water area. The air is damp than the ground solar energy electricity. If the components are placed in a humid environment all year round, the PID attenuation problem may occur.


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   The third point is that the corrosion resistance and waterproof requirements are higher.

   The components of the solar energy electricity system are composed of components, inverters, brackets, cables, combiner boxes and other related accessories. As the core component of the solar energy electricity, the PV inverter has IP65 protection level, but it is also used in a humid environment. It will not be enough, the inside of the inverter is composed of hundreds of components. In the face of humid environment, it will inevitably not accelerate the corrosion of metal parts of electrical equipment. This requires that the selected equipment is not afraid of water waves, has a strong anti-corrosion of the whole machine, and ensures the corrosion resistance of high salt spray and high humidity environment.

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