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What should your solar power system products pay attention to in hot weather?


Published by Mars August 06,2019

  Global warming, there is a period of high temperature every year around the world. In the face of such high temperatures, how can our solar power system products cool down and increase power generation?


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   Firstly, there is no flammable material around the solar power system products.Some users put grasshoppers around the solar power system products, and some users are filled with debris under the inverter. In the summer, due to the high-speed operation of the solar power system products, the solar power system products inverter is also in a state of continuous heat dissipation. If the accumulation of debris will affect the heat dissipation on the one hand, there will be a fire hazard due to the high temperature.Recommendation from solar system manufacturer is clean up the components and components around the auto power inverter in time to avoid fire hazards.


    Secondly, the auto power inverter has no shading device. However, when the solar inverter is exposed to sunlight for a long time, the external temperature of the solar inverter will increase, and the internal temperature will continue to be dissipated, which will accelerate the aging of the internal components or the performance degradation, which will eventually lead to solar inverter efficiency. Reduce, affect the life of the solar inverter.Recommendation from solar system manufacturer is conditionally install a sunshade device for the inverter to reduce the external temperature of the fuselage and extend the life of the solar inverter.


auto power inverter factory


    Thirdly, the pure sine inverter is installed in a closed environment. Above we mentioned that there should be no debris around the pure sine inverter, and another pure sine inverter should be kept ventilated. Many users install the pure sine inverter indoors. In contrast, it is much better than being installed outdoors. However, we must also emphasize that it can be installed indoors, but the pure sine inverter cannot be placed in a closed room. Keep the doors and windows open.Recommendation from solar system manufacturer is when the temperature is high, the solar inverter placed indoors can keep the doors and windows ventilated, so that it can not only dissipate heat, but also increase the power generation to a certain extent.


    Fourth, pay regular attention to the operation of the solar panel inverter kit.Suggestion from solar system manufacturer is users can regularly inspect the solar panel inverter kit, understand the operation of the solar panel inverter kit in real time,If the auto power inverter does not generate electricity, you can call the installer or professional after-sales service personnel.


auto power inverter factory


   Today, the hot weather is still going on, solar system manufacturer Mas Solar reminds friends, pay attention to heatstroke and cool down, pay attention to work and rest time. In addition, users of solar panel inverter kit should also develop good habits of operation and maintenance, regularly conduct solar panel inverter kit inspections and cooling, and ensure the benefits of solar panel inverter kit.

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