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Uruguay's renewable energy generation hits seven-year low amid drought


Published by Mars June 14,2022

    According to Montevideo Portal, in February, thermal power accounted for 36.4% (348 GWh) of electricity Domestic Solar generation in Uruguay, up 336% year-on-year; hydropower accounted for 16.7% (160 GWh), down 66% year-on-year; 35.4% (338 GWh), up 11% year-on-year; biomass power generation accounted for 7.4% (70 GWh), up 5% year-on-year; photovoltaics accounted for 4.1% (39 GWh), up 3% year-on-year. Renewables accounted for 63.6% of total electricity generation in February, the lowest level in nearly seven years. Seg Ingeniería believes that the ongoing drought has affected Uganda's renewable energy generation.

Solar Power Panel

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