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Brazil's distributed photovoltaic capacity reaches 5GW in 2020


Published by Mars March 25,2021

    According to data from the Brazilian Distributed Generation Association ABGD, as of the end of 2020, Brazil's distributed solar power Power Solar Panels generation capacity has reached 5 GW.

Solar Panels For Houses


    The association stated that the Brazilian renewable energy market continues to grow. As of June last year, Brazil's distributed solar power generation reached 3 GW, and by November it had reached 4 GW. As of the end of December, it had reached 5 GW. The rapid growth of distributed solar capacity proves the development potential of the industry.

    In particular, Brazil will add 7.5 GW of solar capacity in 2020, of which distributed capacity will account for 4.4 GW.

Solar Power Panel

    The chairman of the association Carlos Evangelista explained that the industry has developed rapidly in Brazil based on the climatic resources in the north and south of the country and the versatility and adaptability of solar energy itself. In addition, solar panels can be installed in different locations in a modular manner, such as land, roofs, sheds and even vertical walls, and come in various sizes and configurations. This technology has brought employment, sustainability, energy cost savings and development to the whole of Brazil.

    In 2021, Brazil is expected to become the world's top three distributed solar power generation markets. Distributed power generation can create more than 150,000 jobs and bring 15 billion reais of direct investment to Brazil.

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