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Brazil's new solar and wind energy capacity exceeds 2.5GW in 2020


Published by Mars January 08,2021

    Brazilian Solar Power Your Home power industry regulator Aneel announced on Tuesday that Brazil's grid-connected solar and wind power generation capacity will reach 2,519 MW in 2020.

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    Specifically, in 2020, Brazil has added 4,932 megawatts of installed capacity, exceeding the initial target of 4112.43 megawatts. Among them, wind power is 1725.8 MW, accounting for 34.9%, and solar power is 793.2 MW, accounting for 16%.

    As far as December alone is concerned, Brazil has achieved 791.2 MW grid-connected, of which wind power accounted for 549.90 MW, accounting for 69.37% of the monthly total. The agency pointed out that 20 of the 27 states will have at least one new power plant in operation in 2020.

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    According to data from the power sector regulator, wind farms now account for 9.64% of the country's total installed capacity, while solar power accounts for 1.87%. Large hydropower (UHE), PCH and small hydropower (CGH) accounted for 58.56%, 3.10% and 0.47% of the total installed capacity, respectively.

    Aneel pointed out that Brazil's total domestic installed capacity by the end of 2020 is 174,412.6 MW, of which 74.76% comes from sustainable and low-emission sources.

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