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10KW Affordable Solar Power Kits In USA


Published by Mars October 13,2021

             Affected by hurricanes, fires, global energy shortages and other factors, many states in the United States have power outages.The shortage of electricity has affected Peter’s life, so he switched to off-grid affordable solar power kits.As we all know,off grid affordable solar power kits have optional to use LiFePo4 lithium battery and gel battery.LiFePo4 lithium battery have longer use life,better performance,the cost will be higher.Gel battery have shorter use life,cheaper cost.


More difference between gel battery and lithium battery,pls check this website:


Another affordable solar power kits with lithium battery installed in USA:



solar system manufacturer


       Peter consider that he don’t have a lot of money now,so he chose to use gel battery first.In the future,when he collect more money,he maybe can use lithium batteries instead of gel batteries.Peter’s affordable solar power kits have 120V/240V dual output,which is suitable for USA grid electricity voltage.If you import solar panel from China to USA,it will have anti-dumping duties.With the help of Mars solar, Peter adopted a safe and fast way to eliminate the risk of paying 250% anti-dumping duties and the resulting fines.



          If you want to install affordable solar power kits or large solar panel kits in USA,to get safe and high efficiency electricity,contact Mars Solar to get more!

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