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300KW Rooftop Solar PV For Pig Farm


Published by Mars April 09,2023

       Rooftop solar pv are widely used in agriculture and aquaculture. The rooftop solar pv can provide power for farms such as pig farms and chicken farms, the rooftop solar pv can supply power for water pumps, and the rooftop solar pv can also provide the electricity needed for life for farmers living in farm houses. Farms have reliable, inexpensive power sources available.



solar system plant



           This Mars 300KW rooftop solar pv is installed for a pig farm with an area of 10,000 square meters, which can provide 640,800KWH of electricity for the pig farm every year. This 300KW on grid solar power system consists of 500 pieces of 600W Class A PERC solar panels and 5 sets of 60KW solar inverters. The 600-watt A-grade PERC solar panel has a conversion efficiency of 22%, which is 20% more efficient than other solar panels, enabling this on grid solar power system to generate 20% more electricity. This 300KW on grid solar power system is expected to recover the investment in 3-5 years. Then you will enjoy free electricity for more than 20 years.



         So how are these high-quality, high-efficiency solar system plant products produced? The video below will answer it for you:



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