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15KW Solar Generator System In Argentina


Published by Mars December 29,2022

           solar generator system have widely used in worldwide now.More and more customers who are not satisfied to use off grid solar generator system or use on grid solar generator system.Now our on grid and off grid hybrid solar generator system products can let you use on grid and off grid solar generator system function at the same time.Agustin from Argentina,is looking for 15kw solar system on and off grid hybrid function.



15KW solar system


         1)on and off grid complete solar system supply solar power to  loads directly,if solar power is excess, the power will charge to battery automatically.When   the battery power is full also, inverter will send the excess power to grid.

          2)When the on and off grid complete solar system only generate few power,solar power supply to load,the insufficient part is replenished by the city power.

          3)When the grid shut down,on and off grid complete solar system will switch to off grid status,transfer solar DC power to AC power, supply solar power directly to the load.When the solar panel can not provide enough  powerto the load,it will use battery power,transfer battery power to the load.



        More complete solar system information,pls check this website:


            He need a specially solar system design.In this 15KW solar system,have included 3pcs 5KW inverter connect in paralell.They can build 15KW single phase solar system or 15KW three phase solar system.The system battery bank is 48VDC,so can use less battery capacity and save system cost.



            In this 15KW solar system,solar  panels  are  PERC  solar  panels, which  is  higher  efficiency  can  reach  22%,  less the hotspot  influence,  make  the  generation  performance  much  better.During the production,it have 4times EL test.High generation solar panel lead to high power solar system generation.




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