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3KW Solar Power System Kit For Home In Lebanon


Published by Mars December 30,2020

              Bassem is from Lebanon. He visited Foshan in 2019. Currently his partner is in Guangzhou. He has collected quotations from more than 50 Chinese solar system manufacturers. He needs a 3kw solar power system kit for home.


       solar system manufacturer


            We introduced to him in detail the characteristics of our solar power system kit for home products, the materials and processes used.We use A grade Suntech solar cell,Japand brand materilas and Germany technology for our solar controller,inverter,battery.He collected our solar power system kit for home product information and gave it to his engineer for analysis, and finally he chose our solar power system kit for home product. We delivered the solar power system kit for home to his partner in Guangzhou, and he successfully received the goods and installed them.


               Bassem have contacted us ,want to confirmed that if he can connect 3kw complete solar system with 12000BTU air conditioner and a refrigerator.Air conditioners and refrigerators are inductive loads, and the starting power is 3-10 times.12000BTU air conditioner have 1050W rated power,when it start to make cooling,the starting power is 3150W.It is over 3kw complete solar system capacity,the complete solar system will shut down at once,so we advised him not to connect the air conditioner anymore. If he want to run his load, he need at least a 3kw complete solar system with 5kw inverter. He changed the accessories in complete solar system and bought a 5kw inverter.Up to now, the 5kw inverter is running well, and he also gave us feedback on the complete solar system installed pictures.

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