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5KW Solar Roof Mount Kit in Republic Of Congo


Published by Mars September 03,2021

              Pierrot live in Democratic Republic Of Congo(DRC),because there is electrical blackout from the city power,he searched professional solar system manufacturer on the internet.Mars solar roof mount kit attracted his attention.Mars Solar have 10+ years of government cooperation experience for solar roof mount kit.During these 10+ years,Mars solar insist on using Japan IGBT module,Germany thyristor and another raw materials from world-renowned brands,ensure the solar roof mount kit have the top quality and performance.


solar system manufacturer


                  Have 10+years sale experience engineer Lucy provide the clearly and helpful suggestion to Pierrot,help him find out the suitable solar roof mount kit design.To find a suitable solar roof mount kit,we can consider three factor,the first one is home appliance capacity,the second is your power consumption,finally it is installation area and your budget.The 5KW solar roof mount kit perfectly meets the needs of Pierrot.


              With the help from Shipping company that Mars cooperates with,Pierrot got the home solar panel kits with batteries product he ordered very easily and smoothly.With the guide for Mars home solar panel kits with batteries installation video,user manual and installation drawing,Pierrot easy to install this home solar panel kits with batteries.


         Do you want a home solar panel kits with batteries that your neighbors envy? Please contact us!

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