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20 KW Solar Kit In Mexico


Published by Mars November 28,2022

Because of the hurricane and the unstable city power, people can not use electricity normally, which brings great inconvenience to people's life.


The customer came to MARS with his questions and found our engineer:

---1. How to ensure the safety of 20 kw solar kit installation in areas where hurricanes often occur?


---2. I now use a grid connected system, but I need to replace the off grid 20 kw solar kit because of the unstable mains power and frequent power outages. How can I upgrade and change my 20 kw solar kit?


---3. Mexico has an anti-dumping policy. How can I avoid importing solar panels to reduce expenditure.

For these problems, our MARS professional engineers answered them one by one and found the most appropriate solution:


--a) In areas where hurricanes often occur, we will design reinforced solar panel supports for our customers, or customers can ask local engineers to complete the construction of the supports according to the drawings provided by us.

---b) Because the grid connected system can only be used with mains power, it cannot be used normally without mains power.

If there is no mains electricity, it will affect people's lives.



solar system manufacturer


According to the customer's family load, a 20 kw solar kit with batteries is designed for customers. Also design dual voltage to our customers to use. 120v/240v 60HZ.


     The city power was cut off for 20 hours, but the 20 kw solar kit was used to get 13-16 hours of power per day.


      Our inverter: The 20 kw solar kit inverter can be connected to mains and generators as a backup power source.

    When there is no sun or the battery voltage is low, the inverter will automatically switch the mains or generator to charge the battery and run the load.

solar system manufacturer

---c) If the goods arrive at the port according to the normal mode of transportation, the customer will pay high tariffs: up to 200%, which will increase the customer's expenses.


In order to reduce the customer's expenses, we provide door-to-door transportation services for customers. The goods are directly delivered to the customer's address. When the goods arrive at the customer's address, the customer only needs to sign for the goods, without paying any other fees.


Do you have such doubts?


---Do you want to buy solar kit for home load have 24hrs power supply and use your load continuously.


---There is a high tariff policy in the local area. How to avoid and reduce expenditure if i buy solar kit for home?


--How to design the appropriate system according to the local environment?


Pls feel free to contact us. No matter what the customer needs, we will be 100% satisfied

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