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How To Remote Monitor My Household Solar System?


Published by Mars January 06,2021

        People install household solar system in their homes or some household solar system are installed in remote places with few people.It is inconvenient to check the operation of the household solar system frequently on site.When you want to know the operation of these household solar system, you can observe the operating data of these household solar system  through some remote monitoring equipment. Some of these monitoring devices are realized by WIFI, some are realized by GPRS mobile phone traffic, and some are realized by far infrared. For off-grid solar pv power plant, SNMP cards are the main monitoring equipment.


         Before installing the SNMP card, you need to connect the solar pv power plant inverter with RS232 interface or RS485 interface. The solar pv power plant inverter collects the data of solar pv power plant operation and transmits it to the SNMP card through the RS232 or RS485 interface. The SNMP card is connected to a WIFI network or a GPRS network, and uploaded to the cloud server of the SNMP card through these networks. When you want to know the running data for solar pv power plant, you can open the mobile phone APP or view the running data from the cloud server through the computer. Below is the mobile APPS interface of the SNMP card.

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