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How Does Batteryless Solar System Work?


Published by Mars March 08,2021

       As we all know, the off-grid solar system must be connected to batteries to turn it on. We develop the batteryless off grid solar system in last year. This off grid solar system have optional to connect with battery,also have optional to disconnect with battery.


Batteryless solar system work with battery drawing:

Batteryless Solar System



Batteryless solar system work without battery drawing:

Batteryless Solar System



This solar system have 3KW 5KW model only,this is the most suitable use for family.

3KW batteryless solar system: https://www.solarpowermanufacturer.com/solar-products/solar-power-system/off-grid-solar-power-system/standard-home-solar-system.html


5KW batteryless solar system: https://www.solarpowermanufacturer.com/solar-products/solar-power-system/off-grid-solar-power-system/solar-systems-in-domestic-homes.html


The operation are simple and easy,there is operation video:

solar system manufacturer

Q1:For off grid solar system disconnect battery,where does the additional power go if we just use part of the solar panel power?(It have some electricity knowledge,if you are not clearly,you can contact us or ask your engineer)

As a professional solar system manufacturer,Mars Solar explain to your in some difference situations.

Firstly,a system use 5KW solar panels, can generate 5KW electricity maximum. At the same  time,when we connect the 5KW loads to this system, this specially design inverter will transfer maximum current and use up all the power.

Secondly,The panels can generate 5KW power, if we disconnect solar panels and loads with solar panel , there is no  electricity because there is no circuit to create current. 

Further more, if the loads power is 3KW,solar panel and inverter are 5KW.The 3KW solar power will supply power to load,additional 2KW is no circuit for these extra load to create current. That means even they are generated, but not be used and wasted. 

Another extrime examples is that when we disconnect the solar panels and loads. Even all the panels can generate 

power, however, all of them are wasted since no current is created. 

Since this system have no battery connection, we can not store the power generated by solar panels. That means they are wasted. 


It is recommended to select the appropriate system according to the household electricity consumption to avoid unnecessary waste.

If you have need to use power day time and night time,then suggest you can connect few battery with this solar system,it would not have increased a lot system cost.


Q2:What is the purpose of battery less option ? It does not make sense.I still need to use battery.

A2:If you want to use power at the night time,then must use battery.Because in the night time,not sunshine even not city power.Most of the 5KW solar system use 8pcs battery,now this 5KW solar system use 4pcs battery.Can use less money to get higher power.That is the purpose of battery less option.


For more solar system design and cost,pls send inquiry to us

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