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Some Questions For PV Array Combiner


Published by Mars March 10,2021

Q:Why we need to use pv array combiner?

A:Firstly,one solar panel power max can be 500W so far,in order to build high capacity solar system,we need to connect a lot solar panels.For example,if you want to use a 10KW solar system,you can use 30pcs 350W solar panel.100KW solar system will use 260pcs 380W solar panel.In order to easy to manage these solar panels,we use pv array combiner.We can check each string solar panel voltage and current to know,if the solar panel working normally or not.

Secondly,some solar panel install on the roof,it have risk for thunderstorm,so we use pv array combiner to anti-thunder storm.

Thirdly,in the day time,solar panel generate power,so the solar panel side have higher voltage than controller and battery.At night time,the solar panel not generate power,so the solar panel side have lower voltage than controller and battery side,if the battery power countercurrent to solar panel,the solar panel will damage.So we use pv array combiner to prevent the power countercurrent from battery to solar panel.


Q:In the market,it have a lot of pv array combiner manufacturer,what are difference between Mars and another suppliers?

pv array combiner


Q:The pv array combiner seem simple, maybe i can make it by myself?

A:In the eyes of laymen, this combiner box may be considered a very simple thing.But in fact, he still has some technical content.Not qualified products will dangerous for your home and building.

If you are a professional solar engineer,you can make the pv array combiner by yourself.Pls chose reliable quality materials.If you don't have good knowledge for solar,suggest you can buy pv array combiner from Mars,get the qualified products and it is good for your solar system warranty.

We receive a customer who buy pv array combiner from another supplier,now his pv array combiner have burnt and fire.Fortunately, he found out in time, otherwise, other parts of the solar system and their factories would be burned.

These are pictures for customers:

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