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How to chose reliable solar system suppliers ?


Published by Mars November 01,2019

      With development for B2B online,more and more businessman find solar system suppliers from Internet.Because some bad solar system suppliers,they provide low price but also low quality solar kit for home products to buyer,so it have bad affect for the business on the internet.On the other side,the online business have brough a lot benefit for the solar kit for home buyers.The solar kit for home buyers are not need to fly some hrs,and spend a lot of time to travel in China.It is high efficiency,low cost.Then how we slove this problem?Ask professional inspection company to do the inspection work is one of the solutions.It have a lot of inspection companies can provide this kind service,SGS is the most professional one.


       SGS is short for SGS-CSTC standard technical services Co.,Ltd.It is a international inspection company,you can send the inspection order from your country,also you can ask solar system suppliers make the SGS order in China.They will arrange the staff from China company to do the inspection.Our regulator customer from Angola have ordered a lot solar panel kits for home from MARS SOLAR.Each time,they will ask SGS to do the insepction for his order.Nowdays,a 120KW solar panel kits for home project have finished,then they ask SGS to do the inspection again.After one day inspection work for solar panel kits for home,SGS will provide inspection report to both parties.


      These are inspection report for 120KW solar panel kits for home:(the size for the inspection report is a little big,so pls pay attention to load the pictures.If you can not load it,pls contact us!

off grid solar kit


off grid solar kit

off grid solar kit


      It still have some solar power kit for home user or distributors who have just entered the industry need to buy solar power kit for home.Their solar power kit for home order amount is not big,so it would not have cost for inspection in each time.It is simple,whether you are a solar power kit for home home user or a distributor,whether you order a lot solar power kit for home or only buy 1set solar power kit for home,Mars Solar promise that Mars off grid solar kit are all produced in the same standard,the same level materials.It mean that each sets off grid solar kit can meet SGS inspection standard.Chose Mars,Chose good quality!

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