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10KW House Solar Panel Kit In Italy


Published by Mars July 14,2021

       The use of electric vehicles/new energy vehicles is becoming more and more widespread. Therefore, more and more house solar panel kit users, when choosing a house solar panel kit, will also take into account the need to charge electric vehicles.



home solar panel kits with batteries



      Barry is from Italy and he is planning to build a golf course. There are many electric golf carts on the golf course that need to be charged. Barry plans to use a house solar panel kit to charge the golf balls and also provide power to the golf course lounge. Because this is the first time Barry has used this house solar panel kit, he has many issues to consider.



Q1: I need an 8KW house solar panel kit now, and hope to upgrade to a 10KW house solar panel kit in the future.

A1: As a company with 10+ years of solar system design experience, you can now use 8KW solar panels and batteries, 10KW inverters and controllers. Inverters and controllers are not easy to upgrade, solar panels and batteries can be added one by one. If there is a plan to upgrade the easy solar panel kit in the future, you can use a larger controller and inverter first, so that when you want to upgrade in the future, you can directly increase the number of solar panels and batteries. Other easy solar panel kit configurations and connections do not need to be changed.



Q2: Regarding product quality, how does MARS guarantee the quality of the easy solar panel kit produced?

A2: As a company with 10+ years of solar energy production experience, we firmly believe that only reliable raw materials can be used to produce reliable products.We control our quality start from the materials. The easy solar panel kit produced by Mas Solar,insist on using Japan IGBT module and Germany thyristor.Besides,Mars Solar have 13 years of government cooperation experience.Each easy solar panel kit use the same standard as government project.




Q3: For installation, what kind of technical support can Mars provide us?

A3: As a company with 10+ years of solar energy production experience, we will provide you with installation drawings and technical guidance videos for installing easy solar panel kit. All connections are very simple and convenient, you can complete the installation work yourself with the support of these technical documents, or you can ask your electrician for the installation.



Q4: I have no experience with imported home solar panel kits with batteries. What help can you provide?


A4: As a company with 10+ years of experience in exporting solar energy systems, we can provide you with the contact information of customs clearance agents all over the world. It can let you know all the costs of importing and document for this home solar panel kits with batteries before you purchase, and ensure that even if you are importing home solar panel kits with batteries for the first time, you can complete the import customs clearance procedures without hindrance.

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