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40KW Solar Inverter Kit For Home In Sierra Leone


Published by Mars June 03,2021

          A recently released research report called "African Solar Energy Potential" shows that among the 54 countries in Africa, the top three countries in terms of current solar inverter kit for home capacity are South Africa, Senegal and Eritrea in order. Looking ahead to the potential of solar inverter kit for home in the future, the top ten most attractive countries in Africa are South Africa, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Morocco, Sudan, Egypt, Mozambique, Eritrea, Kenya and Zambia.



           Jacob is from Sierra Leone.Solar inverter kit for home are becoming more and more widely used in this country.Jacob find Mars Solar in Internet,Mars professional engineering team assists him to complete professional solar inverter kit for home design,ensure that each solar inverter kit for home project provides government engineering-level quality and services.He bought 40KW solar roof kit from Mars Solar.In this 40kw solar roof kit,use Japan brand(Mitsubishi, Fuji etc) IGBT materials,Germany(Semikron etc )thyristor,adopt German technology.100times test before package.In Jacob’s solar roof kit,solar panel have been fixed and installed on the roof.In this 40KW solar roof kit,have 91pcs solar panel,it will need around 200sq meters roof area to install these solar panels.


                  The 40KW solar roof kit works very well, and Jacob feels very satisfied. In order for the solar roof kit to operate more stably, and to extend the service life of the house solar panel kit. We provided Jacob with knowledge of maintenance related tohouse solar panel kit. At present, Jacob will clean the solar panels at intervals to ensure that the solar panels are not covered by dust. If the solar panels are often covered by dust, it will affect the power generation efficiency of the solar panels. In severe cases, it will cause the hot spot effect and damage the solar panels. Therefore, the maintenance of the house solar panel kit is very important. Regarding the maintenance of the house solar panel kit, what should be paid attention to?

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