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2KW Climate Smart Solar System In Japan


Published by Mars May 28,2021

         Mr. Kaoru is a sole proprietorship from Japan. He has some research on climate smart solar system, so he is clear about the product power and details he needs,he also want to know the area needed for the roof installation.


So if you don't know how big a climate smart solar system you need, how to choose a correct solar system? You can tell us:

1. Information about your load?

2. Do you want to install it on the roof or on the ground? What's the area

3. How much electricity do you use every month?


We manufacture climate smart solar system since 2008.

We have more than 3000 climate smart solar system projects for house/farm/school/hospital/Community/factory use.

We have developed data globally monitoring, you can easy check your climate smart solar system working in your mobile phone anywhere.

So we have the experience to work with our team of engineers to design the right climate smart solar system for you.


       Mr. Kaoru also has a question about the cooperation between solar panels for electricity for home and city power.

      Do you have grid/off grid switcher? That changes the power supply when solar is short?

     Yes, our solar panels for electricity for home can work with the utility.

       It can automatically switch from solar panels for electricity for home to city power working, when the battery not enough.

      At the same time, we showed Mr. Kaoru our connection diagram and inverter picture, which is just suitable for Mr. Kaoru's needs.


Solar System Kits For A Home


Mr. Kaoru wrote to us after the solar panels for electricity for home system installation and smooth operation for a few days.

“The off-the-grid system sold from you is really wonderful.

I knew the effect in theory, but it was surprising when I got close to it.

Since I installed it, it doesn’t use any electricity from the power company.

I am looking forward to the electricity bill one month later.

I really appreciate you and your company. I can't express it in words.”

More information for the letter,pls visit our website:


       We are very happy to share with Mr. Kaoru and happy for him. At the same time, we are proud to provide our customers with high quality solar system kits for a home products and improve their lives!

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