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20KW Mppt Solar Kit In Lebanon


Published by Mars March 01,2021

                  solar system manufacturer   


    Mary worked in a company which had business for flower and chocolate,they plan to build a mppt solar kit for their greenhouse in the suburbs.In the greenhouse,it have irrigation equipment and growing lighting equipment.In the beginning,they want to build wind and solar hybrid system,but after checking,in his area,it is not allowed to install wind turbine.So finally,decide to install mppt solar kit only.Mary tell us that they need 220V three phase mppt solar kit.Base on our data,Lebanon mostly use 220V single phase power or 380V three phase power,so we confirm with Mary many times for the mppt solar kit output voltage.We think that they have some special equipment that requires a 220V three-phase power supply, so they specify to use a 220V three-phase mppt solar kit instead of a 220V single-phase mppt solar kit. We provide a 220V three-phase solar power converter kit according to customer requirements. After the solar power converter kit was installed, Mary contacted us. They actually need to install a 220V single-phase solar power converter kit, and their engineers got the voltage wrong.For the solar power converter kit,the most important things is solar power converter kit output.The solar power converter kit output can not match with your appliance voltage or city power voltage,then photovoltaic kit can not provide the suitable power to you.Finally,under the guidance of the engineer, Mary's engineer made some adjustments to the photovoltaic kit. So this photovoltaic kitcan work normally. 


          The photovoltaic kit working very good now,they plan to build more photovoltaic kit for their another greenhouses.Hope Mars solar system supply more high quality photovoltaic kit to Lebanese.

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